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JMD Wagon


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Respect 47 Ronin


Many coincidents about Samurais have happened to me lately. It was especially about the story of the 47 Ronins.

A few days ago I was talking about the concept of Samurai creation with a friend, trying to gain ideas, then the next day (on my 19th birthday) my father brought this beautiful sword to me.
He said he found this in the back of an old wardrobe at his work place purely by chance.
I was so amazed because I didnt tell him about Samurai's at all and there was no chance he knew that I wanted to create something to do with Samurai!

We were so shocked with this coincidence of a Samurai sword being found the very next day after talking about Samurai creation! My Father has worked at this place for a few years now and the furniture has never been moved or touched, and then suddenly this sword caught his eye and appears hanging out the back of an old wardrobe!

I am so happy now to be able to realize artwork relative to 47 Samurais and honour them.



by jerry_miller | 2010-09-28 17:51

Marilyn Monroe drawing


Marilyn Monroe drawing


by jerry_miller | 2010-09-25 09:01
We look for tune called "The legend in 100 years time" or tune can be imaged Jerry Miller.
Anything is OK if the tune is good!

Prize is 5000 Us dollars.

The purpose doing this is JMD want to meet many talented person all over world.

So tune's right is of course for composer and our position is like "We would like to use the tune by composer's courtesy."

How to apply
Send your tepe, MD, CD to us or you may send the address after you upload inYoutube.

Expire date
is no date. Untill find a good tune.

We desparately want to meet next legends!!







テープ、MD、 CD、あるいはユーチューブにアップロード後、そのアドレスをメールで連絡いただく形でも構いません。



by jerry_miller | 2010-09-24 11:29

Halloween castle!!


I baked the sponge from my own recipe and coloured, crafted and built this Halloween castle cake! It took me over 14 hours, and I did not sleep all night because I was making this!

It is made from, marshmallows, chocolate, sponge, icing, butter icing, chocolate sprinkles, food colouring and marzipan! The only thing that cannot be eaten is the flag at the top.

ジェリー・ミラー作 ハロウイン城 ハロウイン セレブレーション用のケーキ 

by jerry_miller | 2010-09-23 07:58

New Art Work




My latest portrait artwork of the famous and beautiful actress Audrey Hepburn.

This took me around 12-16 hours to complete. It was created using graphite pencils From HB to 9B! (These I love), rubber pencils, 3 sized shaders, white charcoal and a mechanical pencil.

I cannot explain fully and some will not understand but I will try, drawing takes me to that special place! I forget everything that is going on around me when I have a pencil in my hand. Creation and imagination really does mean everything to me. But some of the best artwork that I have created have been when I am at my most happiest or most sad!

Emotions are very powerful when connected with art and I love sharing this with the world, so I hope you like it!

私の新作です。言うまでもなく、超美しい女優 オードリー・ヘップバーンです。
うまく説明できないですけど、絵を描いている時間はとてもとても楽しく、ソー スペシャルな時間です。




by jerry_miller | 2010-09-17 04:44

Fortune telling






(Jerry Miller)

I am now home from a week in hospital after having a nasty kidney infection, and seeing as I only have one kidney this hit me quite hard.

I won't go into all the nasty details but to say the least, I am more than glad to be home!

I met a Nurse at the hospital named Heather who brought in her Fairy Cards one morning and told me to rest my hand on the pile to transfer my energy into them.

So I did, and she told me to withdraw a card. The card I picked said 'Individuality' and the description in the book that matched the word I had picked had a description about the apparent 'me'.

I was dubious at first, but when I read the text I was amazed! It spoke of my worry of social acceptance and the need to please everybody that I can in my life. (this is indeed true) It also spoke of a 'business trip soon to come' which of course, relates to me going to Japan in October.

It said that if I follow the cards guidance and learn to love myself and also that I cannot please everybody at the same time then my business trip will go well.

So I wanted to share something different with you, and show you all a little bit more of me that you haven't already seen. (Don't worry, this is as far as it goes!)

In the hope that I can gain confidence, make my trip to Japan successful and learn so much more along the way. Although no one is perfect, I believe anyone can have fun trying to be.



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JMDJ site top


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JMD short movie

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